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Bria Makes Things offers digital illustration, digital graphic facilitation and graphic design by lead artist and owner Bria Miller. Bria is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, graphic facilitator, and graphic designer. Our unique and valuable suite of facilitation, community organizing, and artistic skills learned through 11+ years of experience promote innovation and responsivity, which allows for continuous adaptation and flexibility to meet a wide assortment of partnerships and collaborations that serve various kinds of creative projects and client needs.

Samples of Recent Work

Our Services

graphic facilitation

digital illustration

Valuable in supporting any level of public engagement. Capturing wisdom and nuance spoken by participants in a room together or within a virtual space (Zoom or other video conferencing platform) with live drawing. A unique and engaging visual and event documentation tool that combines data collection, facilitation, active listening and art. Graphic Facilitation promotes small groups and organizations to incite and highlight meaningful discussion and themes of focus or concern in their work. This service makes collective decision making and planning ahead with a shared vision and understanding succinct and engaging.

This service is available in 2 methods:

  • On-site and live, in person during an event

  • After an event or meeting that is live streamed and recorded online, or recorded via audio or video methods. Graphics created are based on the recording as well as any guidance and additional context provided by the client.

For a wide range of purposes! Open to commissions from clients of all needs and sectors. Experienced in illustrating projects including children's books, textbooks, news articles, magazine covers, educational resources, non-profit or government reports, for zines, custom merchandise, and so much more.

graphic design

Includes logo design, brochure design, business card design, poster design and more.

A graphic illustration of drag performer Manny Dingo.

"I needed to invest into some merch for my brand and it only made sense to ask Bria to bring my very specific vision to life. Bria literally made me scream at my phone when I received the first draft, and I was really happy that they were able to bring my ideas to life, even before it was done. Bria not only committed to my vision but Bria also was very professional in regards to letting me know their schedule and how I would fit in. Bria also kept me updated on the work they were doing. My absolute favorite thing about being able to collab with an artist like Bria was seeing how excited they were to do the commission for me, and their appreciation for my brand and vision. The admiration for each other's art is mutual which made it that much more exciting. I cannot wait to work with Bria again. What an absolute pleasure! I have "Bria Makes things' artwork all over my house. I also have gifted a few prints I have to friends for their house warming and they've been really excited to put Brias work on their walls. "


Manny D.

For any inquiries or additional information regarding rates for services or requests for samples of my other work, please write using the contact form via the button below.

To browse and shop Bria Makes Things art, handmade jewelry, and more creations visit the link below

Listen to Bria speak on Virgin Radio for the Voices Amplified Radio Segment

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