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Mindin' My Business | Window Decal


This sexy thicc thighed static cling window decal is durable and made with a vinyl based film that has the ability to stick to different materials like glass, plastic or metal without leaving a trace on the surface once removed. Use on your car windows, windows in your home, your mirror, or most flat surfaces in your home or around you. Design illustrated by Bria Miller.

Using them is easy. Just place the film on the inside of the window or on your chosen surface as flat as possible. Be sure to remove any air bubbles that might have been trapped between the surface and the static cling window sign.
A smooth, flat surface that is wiped clean and dry before applying your decal is ideal.
If using a window, apply to the inside of the window because over time strong winds, dust and water can pull the decal off of the window. The design, however, will stay in tact. Reusable for different surfaces should you wish to move it and switch it around if you're indecisive like me (hehehe).

Size: 3.68" x 4"